Tiger Products has a strong company structure and has operations in many facets of business operations.

The company has had strong links with the Chinese Government and Chinese company operations since 1995, particularly copper products. In addition the company commenced its thoroughbred racing professional operations in 2002 & has successfully developed its breeding & racing businesses.

The import/export arm of the business also revolves around the strong contacts with the Chinese Government and the main focus includes the export of primary products from Australia (Wool, Timber, Live fish) and the import of processed products from the area of Zhanjiagang – Jungshu Province.

In 2007, the self-storage component of the business commenced with the initial facility being established in Mortlake in Western Victoria.

Brief History

While fully Australian owned and operated the operations commenced in 1995 with the development of links with the Chinese Government and Chinese companies involved in the copper extrusion business.

In 2002, the family interest in thoroughbred racing was included in the business and has continued to develop with the establishment of the Enjoy Racing operations in Warrnambool.

100% Australian Owned

Tiger Products is proudly Australian owned. We continue to further investment and grow our business providing a valuable service to Australians. The Company is a privately owned family business.